Just put it out there and see what happens! - Hal Roth

Just put it out there and see what happens!

Whenever I’m asked “What do you do” I say that I’m a Commercial Photographer.  People usually give me a blank stare or say “Oh” or “That’s different” and then they quickly change the topic.  They clearly have no idea what I’m talking about.   So I thought, now that I’m retired, why not put my favourite images on a web site and send the link to my family and friends and see what happens!   Maybe they’ll find it interesting, maybe they’ll feel they know me a little better!  Maybe a photography student or someone interested in photography will stumble upon it and get an idea or even be inspired!  So, I hope you enjoy “Just put it out there” and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

This site also gives me the opportunity to thank the people who helped me create these images.  Without them none of this would have been possible.   My interest in photography started with Bob Alexander, my instructor at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff Alberta.  In my studio, the following talented and knowledgeable people helped me make the Magic Happen - assistants Paolo Cristante, Eric Brazier, Ed Kowal and Andrew Miller; food stylists Olga Truchan, Julie Zambonelli, and Rosemarie Superville; prop stylists Maggie Jones, and Oksana Slavutych.  Many thanks!  It was a great ride. I hope you enjoyed it too!

Finally, thank you to my many clients over the years who gave me a chance to do what I love.  In particular:

Adamson Industrial Design  |  Bata Shoe Museum  |  Bayard Canada (Chirp, Cickadee and Owl Magazines)  |  BBDO Canada  |  Beakbane Brand Strategies & Communications  |  Boots Drug Stores Ltd.  |  Canada Law Book Ltd.  |  Capital One  |  Caryl Baker Visage  |  Corporate Visuals Inc Brand Design  |  Firefly Books Ltd.  |  Harper Collins Canada  |  Hero Certified Burgers  | Husky Injection Moldings Systems Ltd  |  MacleanHunter Ltd.  |   Penguin Random House Canada  |   Pickle Barrel  |  Potion Creative Inc  |   Reader’s Digest  |  Robinson & Design Inc |  V. John Lee Communication Graphics Inc.  |  Yogen Fruz

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